Golden Ticket

Congratulations on receiving a golden ticket from Katydids and Grasshoppers. Your ticket will allow you to redeem the full face amount on the Golden Ticket for merchandise. You must register your golden ticket below in order to receive a certificate code.

  1. Ticket must be validated and registered below by a Parent/Legal Guardian 18 years or older to receive a certificate code.
  2. Golden Tickets registered certificate code(s) may be redeemed at our online store
  3. In order to apply the ticket toward the merchandise, the combined merchandise value not including tax, or shipping must meet or exceed the Golden Ticket face value. (example if the Golden Ticket Value is $25.00 the registered ticket code will not apply to any amount up to or less than $24.99. The registered ticket code will apply at $25.00 and greater.)
  4. Upon check out, sales tax will need to be paid.
  5. Any Amount above the Golden Ticket value will also need to be paid at check out.
  6. Each Golden Ticket(s) may only be registered and used one time.
  7. Golden Tickets may only be redeemed for in stock merchandise. Golden Tickets may not be redeemed for cash.
  8. Agree to store product Terms and Conditions posted at check out.

Katydids and Grasshoppers Request to ticket holders.

  1. Enjoy the moment and have fun with the product(s) you choose.
  2. Please tell your friends and family about our online store.
  3. When convenient, kindly mail the tickets back to Katydids and Grasshoppers for our memorabilia. You are most welcome to describe or write anything you liked or enjoyed on the back of your golden ticket before mailing it off. All redeemed Golden Tickets are retired and not repackaged.


  1. Should you choose to want to redeem your registered ticket for less than face value?
  2. Should additional cost, taxes, or form of payment prevent you from using your golden ticket ?

Please contact us directly with your ticket information and product request. We will make an in house transaction to accommodate this Ticket Redemption. Katydids and Grasshoppers, wishes everyone who receives a Golden Ticket, the ability to use it for the value of the ticket.

Golden Ticket Registration

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