Dolls & Dollhouses

Katydids and Grasshoppers offers a large selection of Dolls for both Play and Collecting. Play Dolls are available with accessories and clothing for bathing, playing or strolling.

We carry the best manufacturers of dolls and dollhouses to give you top-quality products and great product options. These are perfect gift items for your kids or as additional items to your collection. Get one now by clicking our shop button or call us at 405-341-9663 if you can’t find your desired items.



There's something about collecting dolls and dollhouses that bring so much joy and happiness to little girls. And Adora knows how to pull the heartstrings of children and the young at heart. Adora's dolls and toys are etched with "ADORAbility" and lovingly perfected for those heartwarming hugs and cuddles during playtime and at night. Adora has been making top-notch handcrafted toys for years in its Southern California workshop. Made of finely selected materials, Adora’s doll creations are snuggly soft, machine washable, and fast drying.

Indeed, Adora's baby dolls inspire hours of great fun, creative, and imaginative play for your children. Its product lines include plush and baby fairies, PlayTime and SafariTime babies, MixieMopsie and Pony, Girl Scouts, BathTime babies, and a mishmash of play doll clothing and accessories. The mega-soft and squeezable play dolls and accessories allow your child to have a fun and comforting type of play that she can ever have. As the dolls come with defined purposes, Adora continuously brings "artistic treasures into homes around the world." We urge you to browse our shopping page to see our complete Adora product lines. If you can’t decide which one to choose, just let us know and we will help you get the perfect Adora doll for your kids!


Custom Dollhouses

Katydids and Grasshoppers offers a complete line of Dollhouse parts, accessories and products for one of a kind Dollhouses. Each Dollhouses is custom built and finished and rarely are two the same. Dollhouses are designed in a 3Dimensional image before construction. While these dollhouses are unique works of art, a dollhouse may take more than one year to design and build. Please contact us directly for Custom Dollhouses.

Houseworks LTD

Houseworks LTD

Houseworks LTD has continuously provided well-designed dolls and dollhouses for more than 35 years. This brand is well-known for its quality craftsmanship - from building its various dollhouse models and dollhouse accessories to creating dolls. We choose this company because of its top-quality products that are safe, durable, and made of the finest materials. The great thing about this brand is that you can upgrade your dollhouse by buying additional components such as fireplaces and chimneys, doors and windows, chandeliers, and furniture. You can also let your kids start from scratch and build their own dollhouse setups with our unfinished kits. With many detailed and varying designs, creating unique and personalized setups is possible. You can also complete your dollhouse setup with our doll characters - from baby and pre-teen to grandfather sitting dolls.

Here are some of the dollhouse collections that we recommend:

  • Rustic log cabins that feature solid pine walls and construction with varnished hardwood floors.
  • Traditional firehouse stations complete with a fire pole, rooftop, and staircase.
  • English lighthouse with silk-screened windows and glass prism fixtures.
  • Colonial mansions and farmhouse kits with windows, doors, shutters, and rooftops.

Our complete line of dollhouses is not only for little children. We also cater to adult buyers who are dollhouse collectors and young at heart. As a premier online retailer of dolls and dollhouses, we can help children and families bond together and share the joy of playing with these toys.

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